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Surf & Sports Myotherapy offers World-class Myotherapy Services, Remedial Massage, Physiotherapy and Sports Massage in Noosa.

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A full range of treatments and services, tailored to your needs

Our treatments and services are accessible for everyone on the Sunshine Coast, Noosa, Tewantin, Noosaville, Sunshine Beach, Cooroy, Peregian Springs, Peregian Beach, Coolum, Buderim, Mooloolaba, Nambour Maroochydore.

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Myotherapy Services

Myotherapy is the evidence-based assessment, treatment and rehabilitation of musculoskeletal pain and associated conditions. Treatment options may include trigger point therapy, joint mobilisation, dry needling, cupping, stretching, exercise and rehabilitation programs, strengthening, pain management.

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Remedial Massage

Remedial massage helps the body return to normal health after injury or keep the body at the top of your game. The treatment is designed to remediate the given condition by reducing or eliminating pain and restoring function. Ideal for back and neck pain, headaches etc. or if you just need a body tune-up.

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Physiotherapy Services

Physiotherapy, is focused on helping people regain movement and function after injury, illness, or disability. We use exercises, hands-on techniques (manual therapy), and teach you how to better take care of yourself. We assess each person’s unique needs and design personalised treatment plans.

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Sports Massage

Sports massage includes pre and post event treatments. Whether you are training for or recovering from a sporting event: Marathon, Swim, Triathlon, Ironman Spartan race, hike, travel, Cycle race, Lifesaving competition, we’ve got you covered!

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Dry Needling Services

Dry Needling is a technique whereby a sterile, single-use, fine filament needle is inserted into the muscle to assist with decreasing pain and improving function through the release of myofascial trigger points (knots in the muscle).

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Strapping & Taping

Joint support strapping and taping are used to provide additional support and stability to the joints and muscles during physical activity or exercise, particularly in sports that involve high-impact movements or sudden changes in direction.

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Our holistic approach to your health and fitness

Surf & Sports Myotherapy is your go-to clinic for comprehensive and personalised treatment. With our team’s extensive knowledge, passion for sports, and holistic approach, we offer more than just therapy – we offer a partnership in your health and fitness journey. Come and experience the positive impact we can have on your life.

Surf and Sports Myotherapy - Holistic approach

Why choose Surf & Sports Myotherapy?

Choosing us means entrusting your health and well-being to a team of experts who live and breathe the active lifestyle they promote. Gary, Cody, and Harriet are not only highly qualified therapists with the necessary education, degrees, and experience, but they also embody the athletic spirit of Noosa.

At Surf & Sports Myotherapy, we don’t just focus on treating injuries or physical conditions, but also on assessing, educating, and managing your overall physical well-being. Our goal is to help you achieve your maximum potential, whether you’re recovering from an injury or aiming to enhance your athletic performance. We take the time to understand your unique needs and tailor our treatments to support your journey towards optimal health.

Our clients consistently share glowing reviews, praising our therapists for their expertise, compassion, and effective treatments. This positive feedback reflects our commitment to making a real difference in people’s lives. Whether you’re an athlete looking to improve your performance or someone seeking relief from pain and discomfort, you can trust that our team will provide the highest level of care.

Meet our passionate expert therapists

Gary’s involvement with the Noosa Surf Life Saving Club and his participation in local events like the Noosa Triathlon and Marathon speak volumes about his dedication to fitness and community. Cody’s passion for surfing and kickboxing, along with Harriet’s love for surfing, running, and climbing, ensures that you are being treated by professionals who understand the demands of an active lifestyle.

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A few words from Gary Javonena,
founder of Surf & Sports Myotherapy

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Hey there! Welcome to Surf & Sports Myotherapy, right here in the heart of Noosa – where the sun always shines and the community’s zest for life is infectious. I’m thrilled to introduce you to our little slice of wellness heaven, nestled in this vibrant coastal town.

Here’s the scoop: Noosa isn’t just about stunning beaches and epic sporting events like the Noosa Triathlon and Surf Festival. It’s a hub of activity, drawing in everyone from seasoned athletes to retirees soaking up the good life, and even high-profile professionals who’ve made Noosa their remote work haven.

At Surf & Sports Myotherapy, we’re all about taking care of you from head to toe. Whether you’re dealing with a niggling injury, craving a bit of relaxation with a remedial massage, or eager to amp up your fitness game with personal training, we’ve got your back – quite literally!

But here’s the kicker: we’re not just about physical health. Nope, we’re all about that holistic vibe – nurturing your mind, body, and spirit to align with the laid-back yet energising rhythm of life here in Noosa. So come on over, join our community, and let’s dive into this journey of wellness together amidst the sun, surf, and all-around good vibes of Noosa!

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Frequently asked questions

Does private health insurance cover, myotherapy services, remedial massage and physiotherapy?

Yes, most of our treatments are covered by private health insurance plans. Coverage details may vary, so we recommend checking with your insurance provider to understand the benefits and the extent of coverage for our services. Our clinic staff can also assist you with any queries regarding insurance claims.

What can I expect during a myotherapy session?

During a myotherapy session, the myotherapist will work closely with you to assess your condition, identify key areas of concern, and develop a personalised treatment plan. This may involve a variety of techniques such as soft tissue manipulation, joint mobilisation, and dry needling, tailored to address your specific needs and improve your overall musculoskeletal health.

What can I expect during a remedial massage session?

During a remedial massage session, a therapist may assess your condition, discuss your needs, and then use various techniques such as deep tissue massage, trigger point therapy, and myofascial release to address your specific issues.

How is remedial massage different from relaxation massage?

Remedial massage is focused on addressing specific injuries and dysfunctions, while relaxation massage is more about providing general relaxation and stress relief.

Do you offer physiotherapy for people of all ages?

Absolutely! Our Noosaville physiotherapy clinic provides health services for people of all ages, including pediatric and elderly patients. We tailor our treatments to meet the unique needs of each individual, focusing on improving mobility.

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